• Raising Writers in Primary School

    Wendy Skelton is an experienced independent consultant to primary schools dedicated to raising standards of children’s writing on a school-by-school basis.

    “I work within the parameters of your needs and issues to tailor support and training to make it impactful to your school in the shortest amount of time.”

Raising writing standards

Why do we seem to make good progress in reading but the children’s writing standards don’t necessarily follow? Simply the fact that a child is a good reader is not always reflected in them also being a good writer.

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Preparing for 2016 SPaG test

Being able to talk about aspects of grammar using a common terminology is essential for equipping children to be able to talk about the standard of their own writing and, thereby to improve it.

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Assessing writing without levels

The use of levels to benchmark the standard of children’s writing is being phased out. So how do schools report on pupil progress and attainment in a way that will be universally understood?

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Key school questions about writing

A lot of school literary emphasis is placed on reading, however writing provides a wide range of challenges.

Here are some common questions primary schools are asking me about writing.

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Support & Training Packages

Every school has different needs and challenges and so through an initial conversation we can identify the training or support that meets your most pressing needs – whether this is a one-off INSET day or a process of ongoing support.

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About me

Wendy Skelton is also the author of Write-Up which is being published 2016. An expert in literacy-based school improvement she works with schools across the UK as a consultant and trainer, tackling issues related to children’s writing.

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