Assessing Writing without Levels

As from 2015, the use of levels to give a benchmark as to the standard of children’s writing will be phased out. This sets the challenge of how do schools report on pupil progress and attainment in a way that will be universally understood?

Basically, we will be assessing progress in a similar way to before (the criteria for judging success have not changed), but instead of giving a numerical value to the children’s attainment we will be deciding how well it matches up to age-related expectations.

How, exactly this is recorded, will be a matter for individual school policy but the criteria against which we will be making a judgement will be universal (i.e. as set out in the National Curriculum 2014).

Objective judgement of children's writing

I have many years’ experience of making objective judgements about the quality of children’s writing across all genres and am able to offer this either in the context of scrutinising whole-school work samples to give a snapshot of individual classes’ strengths and suggested next steps or in supporting individual teachers in their assessment processes.

In either case, I can combine this with a fun and interactive training session where I share quick and easy fixes to elevate children’s sentence level skills.

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