Raising writing standards

What I offer

I offer a tailored package of support and/or training perfectly suited to meet the current needs of your school including.

  • Enjoyable and interactive INSET session on tips and techniques for quickly making a difference to children’s general writing standards (and attitude to writing)
  • Tackling the thorny issues of teaching grammar
  • Scrutinising your children’s writing books and providing a detailed map of each class’s current strengths, weaknesses and next steps for learning

I give concrete and practical solutions to children’s writing blocks and provide teachers with a means of equipping children with a reliable and replicable toolkit for tackling longer writing tasks.

I also give much-needed support to teachers, either individually or whole-school, who themselves may be feeling less confident about their knowledge and understanding of terminology or may not consider themselves ‘writers’.

Every year I have seen children make tremendous improvements in their writing and her guidance has allowed me to identify and use appropriate strategies providing confidence in my approach to dealing with certain abilities.

Plaistow Primary School. See full testimonial»

How it works

Through years of experience I know how to pitch instruction so that not only is it effective but also helps children to begin to think and talk like writers. I provide input on two levels:

  • By offering an objective view of where each group of children is currently operating and where exactly they are struggling, I give targeted advice about what skills each class teacher should be focussing on next.
  • For children to make progress with their writing they need to be taught the thought processes that good writers take for granted:
  • the process of drafting, redrafting and editing for mechanical errors
  • the discernment needed to pick the most effective words, phrases and sentence constructions for the task
  • the vocabulary (grammar and syntax terminology) needed to discuss and analyse other people’s writing, and so, by default, their own.

None of this is ‘difficult’ – it just needs meticulous planning and delivery.


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